Friday 2 September 2011

FetchTV to launch on Panasonic kit

Whilst the recent press release by FetchTV that they are to launch their service on Panasonic VIERA Connect TV sets and Blu-ray players doesn't sound that relevant to 8320HD owners, it does mark the first time that FetchTV's PPV stuff will appear on hardware not manufactured by themselves.

This, in turn, should increase their revenue both for licensing their service to Panasonic and, of course, from increasing the number of FetchTV PPV users. Hopefully, this will mean they will have enough money to actually finish the new UI they've promised for the 8320HD for the last 18 months and haven't come through with yet...


  1. Do you want to see the possible STBs sucessors of Smartbox 8320HD ?!


  2. I'm not exactly seeing much in the way of "successors" at that link - none of the "client" boxes exceed what the 8320HD does (in fact, the N8200 is basically the same as an 8320HD) and the media server basically is a NAS/DLNA machine with up to 4 TV tuners in it (BTW, there aren't 4 programmes worth recording simultaneously on UK TV ever, so it seems a bit silly to have that many!).

    I was hoping for an 8320HD with a larger hard drive, the new user UI and some more "do more video stuff on the Net" capability (i.e. iPlayer+ITV Player+C4 OD+Five and perhaps a YouTube player). Oh and the successor should be a DLNA server itself, providing media streaming/downloads to other machines on the local network. Release that box at 200 quid and I'd probably buy one.