8320HD Images

This section will be a gallery of 8320HD images (both of the physical box/leads and onscreen shots).

First up is the 8320HD box itself, along with its remote control.
It looks a bit like an old Sega games conole, but is incredibly light to pick up - about the same weight as a typical Freeview SD non-recording box! My main complaint about the box is the lack of front panel information - there's no LED clock-style display or coloured LEDs to indicate recording etc. All we get is a single white LED that's either bright, throbbing or off depending on the mode of the box.
It's all the more frustrating when the recessed front looks like it was intended to have a display in it - even it was just a simple clock or someting, it would be better than nothing at all.

The remote control is tapered inwards towards the front, giving an optical illusion that the number keys are jammed together more closely. In fact, if you hold the remote horizontally and look along the remote's level from back to front, you'll see that all the keys are equally spaced and the same size.

Again, just one complaint about the remote control but it's a big one common with a fair number of other manufacturer's remotes - the infra-red vertical angle is quite narrow, so if you don't point it towards the box (which often means slightly downwards, since boxes can't go on top of HD TV sets), it will either fail to register or, even worse, actually accept the wrong command due to infra-red corruption.

Let's have a look at the rear ports of the box now (excuse all the grainy photos from a BlackBerry):

The highly unusual video output DIN (to the right of the HDMI)  is the most notable thing because I've never seen one before, nor the DIN to SCART cable that came with the box:

If you hook the DIN to SCART cable up to an analogue hard disk recorder and set your 8320HD to send the output to the SCART, you can indeed record high definition content, albeit in RGB analogue.

The only other item of note is actually an omission - no wireless aerial port to stick one of those rotatable plastic aerials on that you often get with wireless PCI cards. Whether that would improve the wireless signal is up to debate though.