Latest Firmware

The 8320HD can be updated with firmware that is regularly released by Fetch TV and usually includes multiple bug fixes and occasionally some new features too. I recommend that upon unpacking and setting up the box for the first time, you also prepare a USB key with the latest firmware on it, insert it into the (front or back) USB port of box and then do your first power on. The 8320HD will spot the key and firmware files and do the upgrade immediately before you continue - this can save having to suffer the June 2010 ultra-buggy firmware at all (yes, it was still on my box purchased in mid-October 2010!).

You'll find the all-important firmware download page here, which also includes instructions on how to do the upgrade via a USB stick. You can, of course, set your 8320HD box on the network and then wait for it to detect and download a firmware update for you, but what if you're not on the network or just plain impatient?

So here's the latest stable firmware release details:

Stable version number: 4.8.05-02
Stable release date: Monday 25th July 2011
Stable release notes: Fetch TV support home page
Stable direct download link:
Stable firmware files to put on USB stick: autorun.html (13,901 bytes) and upgrade.bin (22,165,534 bytes)
Interesting strings in stable upgrade.bin file: "NetgemUK", "", "*" (yes, the 8320HD firmware is developed by Netgem)
Time between stable releases: 4 days (!) after previous 4.8.04-11 release

It is important that you format your USB stick in FAT32 format before putting the firmware files at the top level (not in a folder and don't forget to unzip the .zip file too!). Remember that this will destroy all files on the stick and you don't have to do it if you've already formatted it in FAT32 format of course.

Insert the USB key, go to Computer (or My Computer), right click on the USB drive icon and select "Format...". Pick FAT32 and leave Quick Format ticked on.

Mac OS X:
Insert the USB key (which should appear as a drive icon), but then go to Applications/Utilities and run the "Disk Utility". I'm a bit vague on this until I check it up, but I believe Disk Utility lets you select FAT32 and format the USB key.

Linux (recent Gnome):
Insert the USB key (which should appear as a USB drive icon), right click on the drive icon and select "Format...". Choose "Compatible with all systems (FAT)"  and click on the Format button.

On all platforms, unpack the zip file and copy the two files inside - autorun.html and upgrade.bin - to the top level (not in a folder) of the FAT32-formatted USB stick. Now unmount the drive on your OS so that its icon disappears, remove the stick from your machine and insert it into the (front or back) USB port on the 8320HD. It should recognise it and start the upgrade process. In rare circumstances, the new firmware files may not be recognised automatically. If that happens, go to Menu -> Media Centre -> USB Device and select the autorun.html file. This should start the upgrade procedure.

If you wish to downgrade back to a previous firmware release, put that older release on a USB stick (as detailed in the previous paragraphs), insert it and when the 8320HD tells you it's already up to date, press and hold the Info button on the remote to force a firmware downgrade. Now there is a downgrade path, here's a list of firmware releases that I know about to date:

Jul 2011: 4.8.05-03 - beta (latest - very buggy - same issues as 4.8.04-11)
Jul 2011: 4.8.05-02 - stable (latest - seems to have fixed simultaneous recording bug)
Jul 2011: 4.8.04-11 - stable (withdrawn due to playback resumption and simultaneous recording bugs)
Jul 2011: 4.8.04-10 - beta
Jul 2011: 4.8.04-08 - beta
Jun 2011: 4.8.04-05 - beta
May 2011: 4.8.04-03 - beta
Mar 2011: 4.8.03-06 - beta
Feb 2011: 4.8.03-01 - stable
Jan 2011: 4.8.01-20 - beta
Dec 2010: 4.8.02-02 - beta (yes, date is out of sequence)
Dec 2010: 4.8.01-11 - stable
Dec 2010: 4.8.01-09 - beta
Nov 2010: 4.8.01-06 - beta
Oct 2010: 4.8.00-02 - stable
Oct 2010: 4.8.00-01 - stable
Sep 2010: 4.7.52-09 - beta
Aug 2010: 4.7.50-01 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.49-03 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.49-01 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.48-20 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.48-19 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.48-18 - stable
Jul 2010: 4.7.48-17 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-16 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-15 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-14 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-11 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-10 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-09 - stable
Jun 2010: 4.7.48-08 - stable

If anyone knows of any beta or stable releases not mentioned above, please e-mail and include a link to the appropriate missing release as well as stating if it was a beta or stable release. All submissions will remain anonymous (in case beta testers are involved).