Known 8320HD bugs

Here's a list of known 8320HD bugs that haven't yet been fixed in the latest firmware:
  1. Major channels such as BBC 1, BBC 2 or ITV1 (amongst many others) are missing if you select any "digital" region (Wales Digital, Scotland Digital, Ulster Digital) on the TV Listings page on the Fetch TV Web site. The workaround is to select the "non-digital" version instead, but even then several channels are missing (especially the BBC's red button channel 301) that would normally be present on your box's EPG.
  2. Formatting the hard disk can cause a box crash and/or reboot.
  3. Random programmes may appear in the recordings schedule and ultimately be recorded despite not being put in the schedule by the user. These often seem to be "related" shows (like recommendations given to you sometimes when choosing a programme to record from the EPG or a programme that has a Series Link [even though you didn't choose the Series Link itself]).
  4. All HD recordings cannot be exported to USB unencrypted or downloaded across the network unencrypted (e.g. via the Web interface on the box) - they are encrypted for playback on the original box only. This is incorrect since FTA HD broadcasters - BBC HD, BBC One HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD, S4C HD - do not set any HD DRM flags on their broadcast content.
  5. Some SD content can incorrectly be flagged as unexportable/undownloadable (happened to me on a BBC 1 SD movie recorded from BBC 1 SD, not BBC HD). Needs confirmation that BBC 1 SD does not DRM-protect its SD movie broadcasts
  6. If a programme is currently recording and you select it to play it back via the recordings list (known as "chase playback"), everything works fine - pause, rewind, play - until you decide to "catch up" with the live recording point e.g. by using the ">>" key several times until it resumes play back at normal speed at the live recording point. When it resumes playback, the audio is often either missing or intermittently choppy. The workaround is to press pause and then play again. This was reported to FetchTV and they can reproduce the problem and say it will be fixed in a future firmware release. May be fixed in latest stable firmware - will confirm shortly
  7. Picture search fast forward (">>" key) on a recording at any speed (5x, 10x etc.) sometimes displays repeated thin horiztonal slats of the video from half-way down the screen to the bottom - these can appear roughly every 3 to 5 seconds. It happened to me on an SD recording of a movie from the Five channel.
  8. Series Link is horribly bust - so much so, I'd advise people not to use it. Firstly, it often only sets a weekly timer (i.e. same day/channel/start/end each week) rather than an auto-adjusting one. Secondly, when viewing your recordings list, programmes that are series linked often have a completely different programme's long description (the one that scrolls across lower down the screen). May be fixed in latest stable firmware - will confirm shortly
  9. The TODO list (yellow button on recordings schedule page) of the next 7 days recording schedule (hooray, sorted in date order unlike the recording schedule itself!) often misses out several programmes that are indeed in the main recording schedule (and are <7 days away).
  10. Time zone change handling is riddled with bugs. I listed many of them in a posting, but doogleQ on also pointed out that recently recorded pre-change programmes were listed with the new time zone timings instead of the old time zone (i.e. they'd be one hour out). This may, of ourse, also wreck recording scheduling that relies on repeated timings e.g. Series Link.
  11. Exiting the playback of a recording (usually via the stop button) back to live TV sometimes makes the live TV skip frames continuously. Re-selecting the channel number via the remote usually fixes this.
  12. The last remote control button operation is often repeated when a different button is pressed - this is highly frustrating and it's quite surprising it got past FetchTV's QA (assuming there is any!) considering how frequently it happens.