Sunday, 13 February 2011

8320HD returns to Tesco Direct

When Tesco stopped selling the 8320HD, it was natural to assume that it was a 6-month contract that had expired and Tesco - because of early issues including an Emergency Product Recall - weren't renewing the distribution contract. Less than a month later, however, it's back for sale at Tesco Direct again! It's the same price as before (£205 including postage) and is still undercut by the seemingly long-lasting Fetch TV offer (£189.50 including postage).

New stable firmware available

Only a week after the "leaked" beta firmware download, Fetch TV have released a new stable version, 4.8.03-01. I've installed it on my 8320HD and it seems to have mostly cured the repeat remote control problem (it still happens, but not as frequently). More details are on the Latest Firmware page.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

New beta firmware available

Thanks to Jacko at, we now have a new beta firmware release to play with, namely version 4.8.01-20. Apparently it improves recording accuracy (hopefully not chopping off ends of recordings due to using the EPG end time like the current stable firmware does), but I haven't yet applied it to my 8320HD. Check the Latest Firmware page for instructions on how to install the new beta firmware.