Sunday 13 February 2011

8320HD returns to Tesco Direct

When Tesco stopped selling the 8320HD, it was natural to assume that it was a 6-month contract that had expired and Tesco - because of early issues including an Emergency Product Recall - weren't renewing the distribution contract. Less than a month later, however, it's back for sale at Tesco Direct again! It's the same price as before (£205 including postage) and is still undercut by the seemingly long-lasting Fetch TV offer (£189.50 including postage).


  1. My local Tesco (Sale, Cheshire) had about ten HD TVs on display, all showing an ad for the 8320HD - kinda like a powerpoint presentation with screengrabs of the UI and lists of the main features. Seems like they are pushing the product pretty hard.

  2. Scarlett of Fetch TV email newsletters has a youtube account for Fetch TV video tutorials etc:

    I've added extra info on

    Join group, get approval, log in, view LINKS for the new User Interface.

    One of the images, 06, has a youtube demo with her username as ScarlettFTV so the Tesco in-store presentation may be about the Gadget Show video featured last year.

    Image links are shared on the Radio and Telly forum here:

    I've received a Tesco Direct email on 25th March, 2011, which has a few discounts eg £10 discount on £50 plus purchases online. Perhaps others have as well and could confirm if the eCoupon code applies to the Smartbox...

    Get £10 off when you spend £50 across Tesco direct, enter eCoupon code TDX-KMAW at checkout*

    Regards, Denis Martindale.


    The AVForum alerted us on the 26th of March, 2011, to the new Tesco Direct price of £150...

    Regards, Denis Martindale.

  4. The eCoupon code does work and when added it recognises the £10 off and the price falls to £140 plus free collection option or £5 delivery.

    eCoupon code is TDX-KMAW

    So that's a 320 GB hard drive with 2 recordings at the same time, plus HD channels as and when available locally.

    Money saved could go towards some external hard drive like the Freecom XS USB hard drives from Amazon with their supersaver free delivery, too.

    Pre-formatted eg 1 TB, 1.5 TB and 2 TB drives usually cheaper than the prices.

    The Smartboxes register with the Fetch TV website to get the 2-year warranty...

    My Internet Access http and https URL starter webpages are accessed here:

    Regards, Denis Martindale.