Sunday, 22 April 2012 takes over FetchTV, but then scraps Sky Go

Good news and bad news on the 8320HD front this month. First up, have bought FetchTV (who were previously the brand owned by IP Vision), which may hopefully mean the survival of some of FetchTV's services, particularly those related to 8320HD's online functionality. Don't get your hopes up for any future 8320HD firmware updates though - I suspect that ship has long since sailed and left us with a sadly buggy shipwreck on the shore.

Second up, hope that 8320HD online services would be kept intact after the buy-out immediately took a blow as reports are emerging that Sky Go on the 8320HD will cease on 16th May 2012. Whilst I never cared for it when I had a one month free trial, I'm more worried that iPlayer on the 8320HD might suffer the same fate - I use it to watch Click at the weekends.

Finally, I'm announcing that my next recorder setup will not be a consumer unit like the 8320HD. Instead, I'm setting up a Linux PC solution that will blow the 8320HD away in time for the 2012 Olympics. Would you trust the 8320HD to timer record the 100m final properly? No, me neither! Read up on my preparations at my new Olymprecs blog...