Friday, 21 January 2011

Beginning of the end for the 8320HD?

It was always rumoured that Tesco had a short-term distribution deal (6 months from the World Cup 2010 onwards?) with IP Vision for the 8320HD and it's now official - Tesco have discontinued the box. It doesn't really come as a shock with the high rate of returns due to horrifically buggy firmware and Fetch TV selling direct to the public and undercutting Tesco by almost £20 for a few months now. What's worrying now is that the 8320HD might be abandoned completely by IP Vision - we still need firmware updates to fix outstanding bugs and these look less likely to appear now...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

8320HD price increase due to VAT rise

Although Fetch TV's end-of-year offer of £185.95 delivered for an 8320HD has ended, the £20-off page remains. It's just that the VAT increase has made the normal price £205 and the discounted price £185. You can also get 48-hour delivery for £4.50, making the delivered/discounted price now £189.50. Tesco is still at £205 delivered for the moment.