Tuesday 4 January 2011

8320HD price increase due to VAT rise

Although Fetch TV's end-of-year offer of £185.95 delivered for an 8320HD has ended, the £20-off page remains. It's just that the VAT increase has made the normal price £205 and the discounted price £185. You can also get 48-hour delivery for £4.50, making the delivered/discounted price now £189.50. Tesco is still at £205 delivered for the moment.


  1. Got one last week at Tesco Price.. any chance tesco will refund differance, anyone?

  2. No, because the 185.95 price is from Fetch TV and has nothing to do with Tesco. Also note that from 1 Jan 2010, Tesco will work out 95p cheaper delivered (205 for Tesco vs. 205.95 from Fetch TV).

  3. Have you taken into account the vat change from 1st Jan?

    Bought mine from Tesco at 199.95. They gave me a full refund when I returned it.

    I thought I read somewhere that the Tesco exclusive distribution deal was for 1 year.

  4. I'd assumed Fetch TV would go back to 200+delivery on 1st Jan, but - like Tesco - we might see a price hike (theoretically, it should be 5 quid, but it could be more).