Tuesday 21 December 2010

Remrecord Tool 1.0 now available

remrecord 1.0 (stable) can now be downloaded on the Remrecord Tool page. I've tested it on the Linux, Windows (with Cygwin) and Mac OS X platforms and there's also long-winded Cygwin installation instructions included for Windows users. You can now "prefer" SD or HD simulcasts (e.g. BBC One (SD) vs. BBC One HD), repeats are ignored by default, banned channels and programmes to be recorded can be specified with comma-separated ranges at the appropriate prompt and a Web throttling delay has been added if search terms generate a lot of Web requests to the Fetch TV site.

This is the first stable release just in time for Christmas - the next release will either be to fix freshly discovered bugs or to correct the script if Fetch TV change their Remote Recording Web interface, whichever happens first.


  1. Just put ths on a Ubuntu box, seems to work perfectly.

    Could this be ported to Android?

  2. I don't have an Android phone and isn't it all Java-y (which I'm not an expert on really) rather than being Cygwin-like? Watch out for the 0.5 release out in the day or so - it's the first one you can actually cron up to search for your favourite programmes and I'm just a little bit proud of it. Loving K T Tunstall's Fade Like A Shadow for an auto-repeat programming boost (it replaced Boogie Wonderland as my coding auto-repeat track :-) ).