Sunday 14 August 2011

Daily maintenance is far too intrusive

I noticed recently that my 8320HD now runs a "daily maintenance" reboot - I saw it happening as early as 12.15am the other day. This suggests that Fetch TV don't trust the box to stay up for more than 24 hours, but even worse, the reboot will terminate any recording in progress and you'll lose the rest of it!

I've lodged a bug report with Fetch TV about this quite intrusive behaviour. They should switch to a monthly schedule (perhaps throwing in a disk check on reboot too, whilst removing their mount count-driven disk check they currently do) at 2.00am - delaying by 24 hours if a recording is in progress or about to start in the next 30 minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed. I've also noticed this for a while. Particularly annoying for anyone who keeps the box in the bedroom as the reboot results in the hard disk spinning up.

    However, if this is *really* the only way that FetchTV can ensure that their boxes are "stable" then I guess we'll have to live with it - yet another example of poor quality engineering, and the disaster that is FetchTV/Smartboxes.