Friday 23 September 2011

Beta firmware release available, but very buggy

Whilst we're twiddling our thumbs for the next 8320HD firmware update, I ran a script to scan for potential firmware releases in the download tree on the site. Somewhat surprisingly, it did indeed come up with a beta firmware release that I hadn't seen before, namely version 4.8.05-03.

However, before you get too excited, it was actually packaged some 14 hours before the current stable 4.8.05-02 release on 25th July 2011. What's worse is that I temporarily installed 4.8.05-03 on my 8320HD and it has the same nasty bugs as the now-withdrawn 4.8.04-11 release. Hence I would recommend not installing 4.8.05-03 and I'm a bit surprised that Fetch TV haven't withdrawn this beta like they did with the 4.8.04-11 "stable" release.

What's disappointing is that there's been no sign of new betas (ignoring 4.8.05-03) for the past two months, which is a new record for the largest gap between consecutive firmware releases. And, yes, I still see the remote control repeat bug plus my sister's 8320HD is also exhibiting that bug now too, so there's still bugs that need fixing.

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