Wednesday 28 September 2011

FetchTV to beta-test a new 8320HD UI at long last

It's been 18 months of broken promises about a new 8320HD UI, but it looks like Fetch TV are about to start beta-testing it soon, if their request on Twitter for UI beta-testers is anything to go by. Yes, I've applied to join the trial, but there might be some terms and conditions I could be reluctant to agree to.

For example, not revealing the download URL to non-beta testers is a reasonable request (though often the URLs get "leaked" anyway), but if they wanted to "gag" me publicly commenting about the beta, then that could be a showstopper. Judging by the bugginess of previous betas and final releases, I can't say that previous beta testers have been doing a particularly great job...

Thanks to christgill on for the Twitter info 


  1. keep us updated! I've moved on to the $99 google tv (Logitech recur) for all my iPlayer and network streaming, with the 8320hd passing through for my dvb-t, but it would still be nice for the osd to be hd.

  2. Any news on whether you got accepted for the beta and, if so, what is it like? Assuming you weren't gagged of course!

  3. i've applied to be a tester twice now with no reply from them at all.

  4. I suspect from the quality of their software, they don't actually have any testers.... ;-)

  5. Yeah, I think Fetch TV think "beta" is something you use to whack a carpet with ("beater" - geddit?). The general public are the beta testers for "final" 8320HD firmware releases it seems and, no, I got no response from Fetch with my application to join the beta testing programme.

    Apparently, Fetch TV's latest non-committal statement is that there's "probably" going to be some future firmware releases, but they won't commit to any timescales (either for fixes to the current UI or a new UI to replace the existing one). Don't hold your breath is the Maxim here...