Friday 22 July 2011

Sixth beta morphs into stable release

The URL for the sixth beta (no mention of a beta tree in the URL) should have given the clue that after over 5 months, FetchTV have finally decided that version 4.8.04-11 will be a stable release. If your 8320HD is hooked up to the Net, a green SW. UPGRADE item will appear when you press the Menu button on your remote. Select that option and upgrade to this latest stable release, but if it doesn't work, there's always the USB stick route instead.

Some users are having trouble resuming playback of a recording that they'd pressed stop half way through viewing when using the 4.8.04-11 release - I've been unabled to reproduce this issue: all resumptions worked for me. Note that you can't resume during the first or last minute of a recording playback  (don't ask me why!). Overall, though, it does seems quite a reasonable firmware release for once.


  1. Hi again, tried everything you said with the USB method, but still got "something went wrong update time out" however as you stated Fetch pushed out the latest software on the box when I tried it by pushing the ok button it said upgrading and the spinner in the right hand corner carried on for an hour but the box did not upgrade, tried this several times, so I now have raised a ticket with fetch. This is so frustrating

  2. Have you tried any of the following:

    * Reset the box (there's a recessed button on the underside I believe).

    * Choose "Erase Disk" (will lose all recordings though!) in Menu -> Diagnostics -> Digital Recorder.

    * Try and see if an older firmware can be downgraded to (put on USB stick, press and hold Info after inserting into USB port) and then see if you can upgrade from that older firmware.

    Other that that, I can't think of much else you can do.