Saturday 16 July 2011

Fifth beta turns up - first one showing promise

Yes, another week, another beta firmware I'm afraid - at least the 5th beta I know of since last February's so-called stable release. For the record, it's version 4.8.04-10 and the usual installation instructions are on the Latest Firmware page. I've installed it on my 8320HD and it fixes the remote control repeating bug and also seems to login properly to Sky Go (formerly Sky Player) and play the sample channel OK (I don't have a Sky sub). There's also no sign of some of the other beta bugs (blank recordings, unable to pause live TV properly), so could this be the first beta that I might actually keep on my 8320HD?


  1. Just uploaded the last beta - certainly more responsive - less of the unpredictable responses from remote; SkyGo works like a wet dream :)
    (only tested for 30 mins, but fingers crossed)

  2. After finally installing this 5th beta late last night, I was almost "shocked" that it actually seemed to work quite well. Maybe Netgem have hired some decent programmers at last or perhaps they've actually started to QA the firmware prior to beta release (which they don't seem to do at all for beta or stable releases usually!)? I'll keep this beta on for a while and see how things go - it's the first time in a long time that I've started to have some hope that a stable release will actually be that!

  3. Hi I cant get any of these to work I put the auto run and bin file on to a formatted USB stick (tried several sticks) the box says upgrading and the data light flashes. The screen says the current stable and shows that its upgrading to the beta version (tried them all) the "please wait upgrading" but no data light flashing. I then get failed on a "time out something went wrong". As I said I have used different USB sticks, I have reset the box, also formatted its hard drive and did a factory reset still same problem can you help me resolve this please?