Saturday 9 July 2011

FetchTV incredulously wins a third award

I'm convinced that none of the ISPA members have ever used a 8320HD, otherwise they would never have given FetchTV an award (their third award of the year would you believe it), this time for "Best Over-the-Top TV".

Let me see, we have Tesco discontinuing the 8320HD, horrendous bugs such as repeating remote control buttons, failure of Accurate Recording to catch starts or ends of shows and a totally broken Series Link facility existing for at least 5 months now, plus a series of rabidly buggy beta firmware releases in the meantime. Yeah, that's worth an award - for the flakiest PVR known to man...


  1. Shouldn't be laughing really - having thebox myself, but yes hilarious, and yes flaky is the word !!

  2. Very much agree, what are the members of the ispa on?