Wednesday 27 October 2010

Two events coming up for 8320HD users

The next week or so sees two first-time events for 8320HD users:

2.00am BST/1.00am GMT Sunday 31st October: Time zone change from BST to GMT
This will be the first UK time zone change since the 8320HD was released back in June 2010. At 2.00am BST on Sunday 31st October, the clocks will go back to 1.00am GMT - the 8320HD should do this automatically because the time is set by the Freeview TV signal, though I'm always personally wary of recording programmes when the timezone change happens! Hopefully, the change will pass peacefully and not hit a bug - we don't want a Hallowe'en horror after all.
Time zone change update: The 8320HD predictably failed to handle it properly.

7.00pm GMT Wednesday 3rd November: BBC One HD channel launches
This may well be the first new HD channel on Freeview since the 8320HD was launched. It's not clear to me if this will be picked up automatically by the box or if you'll have to do an automatic or manual re-tune to get it.   BBC One HD will be a simulcast of BBC One (SD), with any SD content upscaled to HD resolution. I'm not sure if the annoying BBC (One) HD onscreen logo will appear - ITV 1 HD use a logo to indicate native HD content for example. BBC One HD will be on Freeview channel 50 and the current BBC HD channel will move to Freeview channel 54 (minus any BBC One content). Yes, it is annoying you can't move/renumber channels on the 8320HD because surely you'd want BBC One HD on channel 1 and not 50?!
BBC One HD launch update: The 8320HD inevitably totally ignored the new channel launch and required me to re-scan all channels to pick it up (and the BBC HD move).

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