Monday 28 March 2011

Tesco Direct cuts another £30 off - now £155

Tesco Direct have now cut the price of the 8320HD twice in just one month - it's now down to £155 (including delivery), the lowest it's ever been by far. It's difficult to make sense of these cuts, especially since Fetch TV have now committed to a new UI this summer. Is there a successor to the 8320HD waiting in the wings or is this just a temporary second cut by Tesco?

Still, one thing's likely - the new price will bring in more sales, since it's now the cheapest twin-tuner HD Freeview hard disk recorder by quite some distance. Now if only the next firmware release would tidy up the major bugs, I might actually be able to recommend the 8320HD to people at long last!

Tesco Direct have added a "Final chance to buy - Order now whilst stocks last" banner to their 8320HD page, suggesting that the 8320HD won't be available from Tesco Direct for much longer. The Pocket-lint review I mentioned in the previous post does say "the remote control has been improved for future roll-outs of the box", so I don't think the 8320HD will be discontinued per se, but it might get a model number change for the new remote. Let's hope existing 8320HD owners don't have to buy a new remote to fully use the new UI!

On, the user natterjack has posted up a couple of discount codes for Tesco Direct (I don't know if both can be used on one purchase):

£10 off purchase over £50 on Tesco Direct - code TDX-KMAW
500 extra Clubcard points on electrical purchases - code TDX-KNA7 (that makes it 800 points in total on an 8320HD, equivalent to another £8 discount)


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  2. "Final chance to buy - Order now whilst stocks last." - obviously going to be discontinued with Tesco.

  3. Price is now £150, but for me at least the codes do not work.