Thursday 25 November 2010

Where's the new 8320HD firmware then?

We know from postings that the next 8320HD firmware is already in beta testing (presumably for a release before Christmas 2010). We also know that the last two firmware releases were released exactly 6 weeks apart: 4.750-01 on 26th August 2010 and 4.8.00-02 on 7th October 2010. So here we are, 7 weeks after the latest firmware came out (making it the longest gap between releases ever) and still no sign of the new firmware.

My box still crashes during remote control operations - even just pressing the GUIDE button causes a crash about 10% of the time! Its stability whilst being actively used is frighteningly poor, although I must admit that if I don't use the remote, it doesn't tend to crash. There are more than a dozen known bugs and a few of them are quite serious, so it's time for Fetch TV to step up to the plate and release new firmware. I don't care if it's initially just for USB stick upgrades only and not via the box's own Net-based upgrade interface.

I want my, I want my, I want my Fetch TV (upgrade)...


  1. Latest beta firmware:

    and unzip the 2 files at the root of a disk on key, then attach it to your SmartBox.

    To reset the SmartBox, press the 'reset' button under the box for 10 seconds.

  2. Thanks for that Dave - I'm not sure how happy Fetch TV will be that you posted up a beta firmware URL. However, if they wanted to keep it under wraps, surely a username/password prompt (that they could change if it was leaked) would have been better?

    I've downloaded the zip file and will apply it later tonight (once the tennis finishes on Sky Player). The only concern I might have is that it could be even buggier and there's no downgrade path apparently either.

    Still, I'm fed up of the instability of my 8320HD, especially if I use the remote control frequently - the number of times my box has crashed is frankly ridiculous. The beta can't be any worse surely?!

  3. I've applied the beta firmware tonight without any problems. It didn't seem to recognise the update when I power cycled with the USB stick inserted, so I used Media Centre -> USB storage option and selected the autorun.html, which did the trick.

    The only immediate change I can see is that those annoying "recommendations" when you choose certain programmes to record from the EPG can now be disabled in the preferences. No sign of auto-padding and my picture search FF still has "slats" in the bottom half the screen. Hopefully it'll be more stable than the current (fragile) release, but time will tell...

  4. Firmware seems to be more stable but I still returned the 8320HD to Tesco today.... will buy one again once the firmware matures and I can actually receive the HD channels at digital switch over next September (currently in a marginal reception area even though I can see Lichfield out my bedroom window at night !)

  5. After a week of playing with the new beta, I'd say it's a pretty big thumbs up for it - a much more stable box, simultaneous recordings actually work now and picture search FF doesn't freeze. The progress bar (on playback of a recording) on the Info banner is bust (but the "More Info" progress bar works - go figure), but I can live with that. Hurry up and get that new firmware out Fetch TV - it's losing you sales the longer you wait!