Friday 19 November 2010

8320HD paid content poll

An user, natterjak, has set up a poll to see how often people pay for the Fetch TV content (e.g. PPV movies, a few channels like Nat Geo that can be subscribed to etc.). I haven't even bothered with the free movie that you can apparently download (not that it's clear that the 8320HD purchase entitles you to that!). What I don't like is that all Fetch TV paid for content is DRM'ed to the hilt - you can't record it, you have to watch it within 7 days and it "self-destructs" 24 hours after you start watching it!

All good reasons why it's useless as a paid service and would even be annoying as a free service (because Fetch TV actually pull movies and don't keep them available long term, so their choice is limited too). Also note that a lot of their paid-for content isn't HD either and much of it is overpriced too.  A big thumbs down from me then...

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