Friday 9 December 2011

FetchTV on eBay

OK, I'm very late to the party on this one, but when the 8320HD launched in June 2010, the only 8320HD's to be had on eBay were from unofficial sellers (I'm not sure if any were strictly "new" or not). However, FetchTV crept onto eBay back in February 2011, though there's no mention of this on the official FetchTV site.

Interestingly, their eBay offerings are noticeably cheaper than their own official site - the 8320HD is £157.50 brand new (inc. postage) and the 8000 is a stonkingly cheap £67.50 brand new (inc. postage). I think the 8000 could be a very nice second box to accompany the 8320HD, especially at that low price.


  1. I picked up a bargain 8000 to go with my 8320HD, unfortunately I can't play back HD recordings on it via the 8320 as I only get a picture and no sound. Fetch don't seem to know why, other than that good bargain.

  2. By the way, I emailed fetch and spoke to them on the phone. You are supposed to be able to stream HD recorded content to a 8000 from a 8320HD as below...


    If the two boxes are paired you will be able to play all recordings including HD recordings.

    Kind Regards,

    FetchTV Support

    Thank you for contacting FetchTV support.

    We hope that our response will resolve your issues. This support ticket will remain active for the next 3 days (72 hours). Should we not hear back from you, we will close this issue on our support system. In case the problem(s) persists after this period please go to or contact support centre as before . When contacting the support centre please mention your existing Ticket ID 909095, to help us respond promptly and efficiently.

    Best regards
    Fetch TV Support

  3. Thanks to Fetch Support, if you load 4.8.05-2 manually on the 8000 (or 8160) via USB, streaming HD recordings from a 8320HD works (you get a green warning about copy protection which you can ignore).

  4. How do you "pair" two boxes? I have a second 8320HD and both have the latest 4.8.05-2 firmware loaded from USB and are connected by ethernet. When attempting to play back HD video from the other the green warning is displayed and if you go ahead and try playing the screen just appears black with no audio.

  5. To update, I've found that if the original firmware 4.7.48-08 (thanks to this site) is installed I can stream (or export) HD recordings from that box, and no copyright warnings.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem like an ideal solution given that this firmware is supposed to be extremely buggy, so I therefore wouldn't want to install it on the main box that I actually use for making the recordings that I would want to stream to the other!

  6. Received a reply from Fetch support (was beginning to think they were no longer operating). Need to press blue on the diagnostics > digital recorder screen..