Saturday 4 June 2011

New (even more buggy) beta firmware available

Version 4.8.04-03 dated 27th May 2011 has turned up and here's where you get it:

Instructions on both upgrading and downgrading are on the Latest Firmware page, but  I would tread very carefully with this particular beta firmware release. It's got new bad bugs in it such as crashing more often, not letting you log into Sky Player (no loss there then!), the GUIDE button often not working (use "0" instead) and it fails to pause live TV (it pauses it for a few seconds and then resumes).

However, its one small saving grace is that it doesn't repeat the previous remote control button anywhere near as much as the current stable release.


  1. any sign of itv,ch4,ch5 etc?

  2. No, this just looks like a bug add/remove release to me. I suspect any such players would be in the proposed new UI, which is supposedly coming in Summer 2011 (which probably means 20th September...).

  3. Discontinued at Tesco now, interesting to see if the new UI will ever appear over the summer and how stable it will be.